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Gramenon now in Grenoble!

Join the latest AURENT-AUBERY-TETE tribe’s venture and visit our lovely and original boutique opening soon between end of march/begining of april bringing together every one’s talents.

Alix, the youngest in the family, jewel maker, will be setting up her workshop there and will present you her original creations.

As a kind of delocalisation or extension of Gramenon mother-house, you will find there the full range of the AB and Demeter certified Domaine’s wines (biodynamics).

To keep them company, the AB certified bottles elaborated by Maxime Bearing his name, Maxime-François Laurent, will also be available.
Also, to go further in a varied and greedy way, Agnès, Olivier, Maxime and Michèle have collected their winemakers and friends’ sometimes rare flasks.

More than the joyfull and real fraternity, and the pleasure to see them all there, it’s a real philosophy to cultivate in a respectful way which brought together all these winemakers, as much as the winemaking techniques they have been using, without any method which would jeopardize the terroirs’ authenticity, for sometimes quite a number of years (actually many natural wines pioneers like us).

This is an undoubtedly lovely and attractive range of natural and expressive wines which you will enjoy tasting.

To accompany your liquid experiences, we have among various and delicious substances asked our friend Eric Ospital, a brilliant interpreter of charcuterie and delicatessen from the Basque country to join us. We will then be able to offer you some greedy and original snacks (very « piggy »indeed !)

Come on and push the door of :
Gramenon & Compagnie–15 rue Lakanal–38000 Grenoble– Tél : 04 76 43 28 11

Alix will welcome you there, you may also sometimes meet Olivier, Agnès, Maxime and Blandine, Michèle there.
From Tuesday to Friday, from 10 :00 to 12 :30 AM and from 3 :30 to 7 :30 PM

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