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Appellation >

Red Vinsobres

Location >

in Vinsobres, on the northern hillside of the appellation area

Vineyard >

Old Grenache vines (60 years old) cultivated with biodynamic farming methods

Yield >

30 hl/ha

Geology >

Soils made up from clay and whitish marls to sand and pebbles

Natural wine-making process >

Sorted manual picking
15 days maceration in concrete tanks
Partially de-stemmed clusters
Fermentation with natural yeasts
Light addition of sulfite after malolactic fermentation, depending on vintages

Ageing >

12 months barrel ageing

Bottling >

In autumn

Short recommendation >

Wait at least 3 years after bottling before opening. Decanting before service is recommended. Can keep few years in good cellar conditions (10 years).

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